Super Smash Bros. Tournament Admin Panel is a Smash Brothers startup that provides tournament organizers a platform to register players and conduct tournament brackets. I was tasked with redesigning their user-interface for the tournament admin panel. The panel is only accessible to hosts running a bracket.

tournament panel before

Panel before redesign


Above is how the tournament panel appeared prior to the redesign. Below are the prerequisites I was presented with. Despite all the details shown, the user must be able to succesfully report the result of one with only the data of who won and lost. Character choice, stocks remaining, stage used, should all be optional data.

Needs to show
  • Match details (round, phase, identifier)
  • Match status (in progress with timer, completed, upcoming)
  • Players
  • Report winner by game, characters, stages and stocks left
    • All information is optional other than winner
    • Next match auto-appears once winner has been selected
    • Minimizing number of taps is important
    • For characters, we will know recent/suggested characters for each player for quick selection
  • DQ players
  • Mark match in progress
  • Assign station to a match
  • Responsive so organizers can access via desktop or tablet at events
tournament panel iterations

Initial iterations

tournament panel match

Process of queueing up a match

tournament panel stocks remaining
Fixed bar

As a set progresses and matches stack above each other, scrolling will initiate a miniature version of the match display. This bar will remain fixed at the top of the screen.

tournament panel character selection
tournament panel stages selection
tournament panel match results

A completed best of three set

tournament panel tablet responsive