The Tea Party Campaign Series

This objective of this project was to create two posters, one that supported a political movement and another that opposed it. Once the posters were created, the designer was required to pick one side and execute an installation that reflected that choice.

The Tea Party states that they are for the people. The pro-Tea Party poster is therefore created using individual tiles with various images of people’s faces. The beliefs of the political group are written beneath the portraits.

The against poster inverts the tea-cup silhouette in order to deliberately obscure the faces of various minorities. This design decision was derived from the accusation that the Tea Party is racist. The copy below their portraits details various poll statistics that support this accusation.

The tea bags are a reference to a title used often to mock the group, “The Tea Baggers.” The red tea bags were placed in mugs in different stores.

Please note, none of the people shown in these photos have any affiliation with the Tea Party or this project.

tea party against cards
tea party for poster
tea party against poster

tea party tea bag

tea party open tea bag